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St. Mortiel App - Kenny by Solarri St. Mortiel App - Kenny by Solarri

EDIT: Added his full moveset! Now I can stop googling for them haaa

Nnnnngh I still can't think up a history for Iora so I thought rather than being stuck on that app forever, I'll make a completely new character and bring her in as a second once that history comes to me. Sooo MEET KENNY!

Also he's not in the group yet 'cause I'm really paranoid to thinking he has Gary-Stuish traits somewhere and I'm thinking of putting him in another club but at the same time he has a lot of extracurriculars as it is shdkjfkgl. Will send him in once I have everything here worked out ha He's in, though I'll still change things if need be. Didn't give him a third club in the end~

Kenny Maxwell
14 15 / July 28
Pokémon (#---):
Teddiursa (#216)
Quick Feet
Nature/Summary Characteristic:
Hasty (Somewhat of a clown)
: 4'1"
73 lbs.
Hearthome City


If there is one word that could describe Kenny overall, it would be expressive. Whether he's overly enthusiastic when trying something new or panicked when doing homework at the last minute, one could easily tell how he's feeling. He's a very friendly 'mon, by no means shy. He can be a klutz sometimes and does make a fool of himself, but he doesn't mind. In fact, he encourages his slip-ups if it brings a smile to the other's face. Kenny likes to be involved with events. Clubs, gatherings, fundraisers, he feels a need to take part in it all. Though his academics do suffer from his participation in so many things.

With that said, he's always on the move. He can't seem to slow down and always keeps to a schedule. A journal with said schedule is on his person at all times, as well as a watch. This leads Kenny to not hang out with his friends much despite his outgoing personality, as he's too busy with other things like studying and helping prepare for events. He 'puts too much on his plate' as the saying goes and the stress from doing so many things does show. The small cub is prone to sleepless nights, even at such a young age. He still loves what he does despite all this and wouldn't change a thing, even if it does affect his health and maybe his sanity.


As the only son of a pair of charity workers, Kenny's life has been nothing short of eventful. He was always brought to work with them as neither father wanted to entrust him to a nanny. So from a young age he was introduced to many diverse pokemon who all had the same goal: to help those who were unable to support themselves. Those fellow volunteers practically became family to him as Kenny grew. He helped his parents and the crew whenever he was able. He still had elementary school of course, but he would go straight to their place of work afterwards, even bringing his homework along with him.

Years go by and this routine continued, though the Teddiursa did hit some bumps on the road. His fathers noticed how low Kenny's grades were. While there's not a single F to be seen, they're not exactly something to write home about either. But more importantly, they noticed he didn't have many friends his age in school despite how friendly he was. They came to the conclusion that it was the constant work in the charity that was pulling him away from his studies and classmates. So with the money they saved over the years, they paid for the bear's education in a different school: St. Mortiel.

Kenny was confused when he was told he was going to the prestigious academy. He felt he had no place in an institute filled with intelligent students with business-owning families who live in mansions and were overall just rich. His fathers believed in him however. The Teddiursa's work ethic and dedication far surpasses the average student. He just needed to gear that towards his education more. They knew the cub well enough to let him join a few clubs and get himself involved with the school community, as long as his academics take priority. And for him to have some time for himself as well. A kid like him really does need more sleep.

So. That was that. Kenny was convinced to go with a promise to bring up his grades and just take a break once in a while. One can only hope he actually keeps those promises without being pulled in by the various events in the institute.

Level: 25
Ability: Quick Feet
Type 1: Normal

Level-up Moves:
Baby-Doll Eyes
Fake Tears
Fury Swipes
Feint Attack
Sweet Scent
Play Nice

TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves: Rest (TM), Sleep Talk (TM)

School Schedule:

2nd Grade

Geometry II
Biology II
Geography II
Latin II
Creative Writing I
Drama I
PE & Health II
Religious Studies

Extra Curricular Activities:

Marching Band - Guy plays a mean drum.

Karate - May seem odd that he picks this sport, but he did actually have karate lessons before coming to the institute, most likely because both of his parents are fighting-types and they wanted him to know some kind of self-defence. Kenny's not that strong but he uses his speed and small size to his advantage. He's currently an orange belt.

Extras/Fun Facts:

  • He's quite the sap when it comes to romantic films. He'd bawl his eyes out.
  • He also screams at jump scares in horror movies.
  • And cheers when the good guy gets the bad guy in superhero movies.
  • And laughs 'til he cries at comedies.
  • He's just emotional during movies.
  • Emotional in general even.
  • He does indeed have two fathers, a calm Pangoro who goes by 'pa' and an enthusiastic Infernape whom Kenny calls 'dad'.
  • He never felt the need to know who his real parents were, having been adopted before his egg even hatched.
  • He's too easy to surprise/prank.
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ZEPEII Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
daww'! He reminds me of when I was a lad
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Jokes aside, it'll be interesting to have them meet.
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Solarri Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Funny thing, I'm already in :'D Thank you though, and good luck to you as well!
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Thank you! Not sure if he'd like that, he's not strong :'D
leafpool12 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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